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Dolores Edmont-Blotiere

Dolores has a background in Medicinal Chemistry. She holds a Ph. D. in Medicinal Chemistry (1999), and has worked in research for 8 years, focussing on diabetes, breast cancer, HIV and HBV. She did her post-doctoral position in UK, in Sheffield, and spent sometimes in Japan. She is also a post-graduate in International Regulatory Affairs, from the Pharmaceutical University of Montpellier. She has been working in Regulatory Affairs for 13 years. She enjoys working with RA strategy and all steps before/during/after the MA application.
Dolores has worked in the past for Amatsi, which produce clinical trial batches, and for Bausch & Lomb, during 3 years.
Dolores has created her own consulting company in 2011 and provides a broad range of consulting support for various submissions including: quality part writing (IMPD, EDMF / ASMF, CEP, CTD, ASEAN CTD), EU MA filing, regulatory strategy, scientific advice and clinical trial application.
Dolores is a member of TOPRA.
Her pastimes and hobbies include basketball, horses, cooking and spending time with her family. She has a cat named Caramello, and a horse named Toxane.

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