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Isabelle Fau

Isabelle is specialized in market access for health care products and technologies, with an additional focus on pricing and health-economics. She is business orientated as she started in marketing for healthcare industries. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, including an MBA and a master's degree in market access in Europe and health economics, Isabelle has the agility to set up pricing and reimbursement strategies. After more than 17 years in big pharms (Wyeth, Astellas and Takeda), she covered different therapeutic area: oncology, hematology, urology, infectious disease, pain and inflammatory disease. She was responsible for the market access of high value drugs (Dificlir, Xtandi, both ASMR III). Isabelle has joined SGE Consulting since April 2019 as the expert contributing to business strategies from the reimbursement perspective. She has decided to move from ethic products to healthcare technologies to enlarge her expertise in the market access of innovative technologies. She is highly stimulated by new challenges and working closely with health authorities in the benefit of patients. Isabelle leads the execution efforts in establishing optimal reimbursement based on building sound value argumentation for payers, manages the team of consultants and assists them in order to build the strategies.

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