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Yves Le Bouc

Yves Le Bouc (MD, PhD) is a Professor of Physiology at the Pierre and Marie Curie-Paris VI University (UPMC, Sorbonne Université), a paediatric endocrinologist and formerly the chief of the Paediatric Endocrine Investigation Department at Armand-Trousseau Hospital in Paris. He is also the director of an Inserm research team studying IGF System. He is member of the European Society of Paediatric Endocrinology and was member of the American Endocrine Society. He completed his medical training at the Medical University of UPMC-ParisVI and his residency at Paris Hospitals (APHP). He obtained a medical degree in endocrinology and in paediatrics. He continued his scientific education at the Science University of Paris VII, where he completed a PhD in Pr Etienne.E Baulieu’s laboratory. This was followed by a fellowship at the Trousseau Hospital in Dr Michel Binoux’s laboratory. He has published various original clinical and scientific studies focusing on foetal and postnatal growth disorders, cancer, and insulin-like growth factors. His current research interests include genetic and epigenetic abnormalities of the IGF system involved in the pathophysiology of retarded growth (SGA/IUGR) infants, overgrowth syndromes and associated tumours, as well as the consequences of these abnormalities later in life.

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